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What are we?

A collection of 999 Fully animated NFTs lost on the Ethereum blockchain designed by hand with love and passion from a team in Thailand.


These playful characters are searching for a new home and are looking to be united with each other through their holders. As most web 3.0 venturers will know, navigating the Web3.0 space can be lonely. This is why we wanted to start with at small supply of 999 pieces so that everyone can get to know each other closely and form close relationships long term.

The founder's and team members are fully doxxed with an active and growing community.

They envision to reward long term holders of their NFTs through introducing different mechanics that will fund the community wallet outside of the NFT space such as DeFi protocols and the P2E field.

Why “Nubbies”?


The story of Nubbies NFT collection started with a baby girl named Nub Dao. Nub Dao in Thai means Counting Stars.

Nub Dao, pictured here, was born with a rare disease called palatoschisis resulting in cleft palate.

Ning (Miss Universe Thailand 2018) and her husband, Jedi, were able to help Nub Dao through her surgery and literally

save her life. The family discovered her from a small Christian foundation called The House of Blessing. ( )

They are a long time supporter of the foundation and it is one of the main places where the team plans to help out through

this project. During her time as Miss Universe Thailand 2018, Ning started a movement called Unlock Unwrap that focused

on empowering young ladies to unlock the potential they have in themselves. The movement and her past achievements

has since evolved into helping communities and organizations in need ranging from healthcare, children's hospitals, schools,

and other families in need.

“Forget the past, Focus on the present, forward to the future.”

This is core idea that centers around Nubbies NFT Project.

The Vision of the Project

To invite NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and the global community to participate in giving back to more families and children like that

of Nub Dao while also reaping the benefits of holding a beautiful piece of artwork in their crypto wallet of choice.

After all, you need to be blessed to be a blessing.

We also want to promote talented artists from within Thailand to be recognized on a global level

(of course all artists from our global community is welcomed!)

Objectives of the project

We want to create a global community of passionate people who are not just interested

in making gains but being a part of providing those gains to truly change lives

of less fortunate families on a global scale.

Benefits and Utilities of Nubbies NFT?

  • Profit sharing as a holder in our community investments.

  • Our Genesis collection gives access to another 2 free mints for holders that will be released 6 weeks after reveal of the Genesis collection.

  • Become part of the Nubbies International Family!

  • Chance to win a paid vacation to Thailand all sponsored the Nubbies team. - IRL Merch access + physical collectibles

  • Access to high level tools to benefit NFT traders and collectors

Meet the Team


Trinupab (Jedi) Jiratritarn




Ning Sophida Jiratritarn
Artist, supporter,
& mother Jamie



Screen Shot 2565-03-07 at 16.08.54.png

Star Gazer
Lead Developer

Road Map

Road Map NubDao-03.png
NEW Ver. Nubdao-26.jpg
NEW Ver. Nubdao-45.jpg
NEW Ver. Nubdao_Artboard 4.jpg

Are you ready to join our family?



Disclaimer: All content is subject to change and please join our discord for the latest updates to the collection

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